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Plasma fibroblast treatment may sound like a made-up futuristic invention from the latest science-fiction franchise, but it is one of the newest anti-aging procedures available today. By utilizing the latest in modern beauty business technology, we can easily take care of any loose skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, and pigmentation of the skin, all in one convenient, noninvasive treatment.

At Lessage Laser Spa, we are constantly seeking the best beauty solutions available to serve our clients better. By offering fibroblast treatment, we are prioritizing your satisfaction and safety above all else. Not only is it extremely effective, but it also minimizes the risks usually associated with anti-aging procedures. To fully appreciate why this procedure is such an innovation, it’s important to understand what plasma is and how plasma pens interact with the fibroblasts in your skin.

All About Fibroblast

Plasma Pen Explained

Plasma can seem like a foreign, mysterious substance, but in reality, you’ve likely witnessed various forms of plasma in your daily life. Northern lights, bolts of lightning, and stars in the night sky are common examples of plasma. However, even with those in mind, you might still be wondering what plasma is.

In simple terms, plasma is ionized gas. That is, a gas made up positively charged, ionized particles. For this to occur, there must be a significant amount of energy flowing through the gas, freeing electrons, and allowing them to coexist with ions in the process.

Applications of Plasma

While plasma occurs naturally, it can also be man-made. Given that the gas holds a charge, once created, it can be manipulated using magnetic fields. This has allowed humanity to create all sorts of plasma-based inventions over the last several years. Plasma is the key element that makes fluorescent lighting work and has been used in plasma TVs. With the most recent developments in plasma research, we are now able to miniaturize plasma, unlocking the ability to use it in beautifying treatments.

How Can Plasma Help in Anti-Aging Procedures?

Example of Plasma Help in Anti-Aging Procedure

When exposed to your skin, a targeted current of plasma creates the tiniest of wounds. This provides stimulation to fibroblasts in the deep layers of your skin. Fibroblasts are the cells that are responsible for generating and maintaining connective tissue, making them essential in healing wounds and producing collagen, which in turn keeps your skin looking supple and healthy. This means that they are extremely responsive to any trauma in your skin, and the minor wounds left by the plasma are enough to get them pumping out white blood cells to repair the damage and produce extra amounts of collagen.

The fibroblasts’ activity has several beneficial side effects beyond simply healing your abrasions. During the process, new surface skin is created, helping it regain elasticity and increase its thickness. This is an utter reversal of all the wear and tear your skin suffers through the natural process of aging.


What Is a Plasma Pen?

A plasma pen is a plasma application device that harnesses this technology into a small container, allowing estheticians to expertly control where and how the plasma is introduced into your skin. During the treatment, plasma is created within the pen and then discharged through the tip. Due to safety restrictions, the pen will not discharge any current if it is too far away from the skin.

At Lessage Laser Spa, we pride ourselves on sourcing the most innovative, cutting-edge tools and procedures available. Unfortunately, there are many cheaply made pens being advertised as plasma application devices on the market right now. These devices can be extremely harmful to your health, and ultimately less effective than the real thing. That’s why we refuse to settle for anything less than the medical-grade, top-of-the-line plasma pen known as the Plasma Concepts Pen.

Dangers of Using Knock-Off Plasma Pens

No matter how skilled you think someone may be when it comes to skincare treatments, if they’re using a cheaply made plasma pen knock-off, you’re taking a huge risk. The biggest problem with these plasma pens is that they are unreliable. The purpose of the procedure is to stimulate your skin by creating tiny wounds, but if the plasma delivery malfunctions, you could end up sustaining severe damage. That’s why it’s critical to have a legitimate, medical-grade tool for this procedure.

Features of the Plasma Concepts Pen

The Plasma Concepts Pen is simply the best tool for fibroblast therapy available. Here are some of its advantages:

Ergonomic design: The shape of the pen is designed to fit comfortably in a hand, giving your esthetician a good grip during the procedure. Fibroblast therapy requires extremely precise work, making it important that the tool involved be lightweight and intuitive to use.

Ultrafine tips: Plasma Concepts Pen tips are 0.4 mm in size, making them perfectly suited for the delivery of micro-abrasions in the skin, causing only enough damage to provide the necessary stimulus to your fibroblasts. Additionally, the individually sealed tips are hygienically treated, preventing any risk of infection.

Total control: The mechanism for delivering the plasma is reliable and consistent, with fingertip control. This allows your estheticians to regulate every detail of the procedure with ease.

Is Fibroblast Treatment Right for You?

Considering the wealth of anti-aging procedures available, you might be wondering whether fibroblast treatment is the best choice for you. The truth is that this process is both safer and more effective than a lot of alternatives. Because the abrasions to your skin are made via a current, you are left with no open wounds, nullifying the risk of infection. The healing time is also far shorter than other options, with most patients recovering within a week. Finally, the results are incredibly long-lasting, allowing you to retain that new, youthful glow for years after the procedure is complete.

Fibroblast treatment can be used to address other skin conditions in addition to wrinkles, age lines, and age spots. It can also help your skin recover from acne scars and even certain skin growths. Regardless of your situation, this procedure will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.


Don’t Try This at Home

While fibroblasts pens may sound exciting, they require a lot of training to use properly. If handled by a non-professional, you might end up with wounds that are placed too close together, in the wrong areas of your face, or at the wrong depth. Best case scenario, the treatment will not be effective, and you’ll end up back where you started. Unfortunately, it’s far more likely that you’ll suffer some form of negative effects.

Improper use of fibroblasts pens can cause permanent damage in the form of tissue infection and scarring. Even if the damage is relatively minor, trying to repair your skin afterward can be extremely difficult and expensive.

How to Prepare for Your Session

To avoid exposing your skin to too much trauma, it’s best to avoid excessive sun exposure, such as tanning, several weeks before seeking treatment. You should also avoid any other procedures that might affect your skin, such as Botox and fillers, in the specific areas you wish to have treated.

Fibroblast Treatment Aftercare

Immediately after the procedure, you’ll notice a series of dots on your face in the affected area. This is normal. The dots are simply protective scabs keeping your wounds from being exposed to potential contaminants. As such, please do your best to avoid forcefully removing them by accidentally washing your face too harshly or unconsciously picking at them. They should fall away from your skin in about four to five days as the wounds beneath them heal. During this time, you should also avoid applying any form of makeup or exercising to the point of excessive sweating, as these activities can also interfere with the natural healing process in your skin.

Example of Plasma Help in Anti-Aging Procedure

Possible Side Effects of Anti-Aging Plasma

As with any procedure, you may experience a few minor side effects. A little redness and swelling are common because you are wounding your skin. You may also experience additional peeling of the skin or notice light or dark spots on your skin after the scabs have fallen off. If any of these side effects persist after healing is complete, they could indicate a more serious reaction, and you may wish to consult further on the subject.

Is Anyone Ineligible for Treatment?

Unfortunately, some circumstances might prevent a person from benefiting from the procedure, or even result in serious side effects and skin damage. If you experience any of the following, then this treatment is not a good choice for you:




Hepatitis, HIV, or AIDS

Pregnancy or currently breastfeeding

Keloid scarring

Hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation

Fitzpatrick Skin Type V or VI


Additionally, you would not be able to receive treatment in areas of skin affected by birthmarks or active psoriasis/eczema.


When Can You Expect to See Results?

Depending on what kind of wear and tear you’re trying to repair with fibroblast treatment, you could see results a week after a single session. In other cases, it may take as many as three sessions to start noticing a significant difference. Remember that some conditions could delay your recovery process, including diabetes, anemia, and kidney or liver disease.

Lessage Laser Spa  and Fibroblast Treatment

Lessage Laser Spa  is committed to always offering you the best, most effective procedures available. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with industry professionals at Plasma Concepts to offer you a medical-grade, high-quality solution to all your skin-related concerns. Fibroblast treatment is an extremely convenient, noninvasive way to help your skin regain its natural elasticity and beauty. With its rapid recovery time, you won’t have to spend weeks waiting for results, and you’ll be able to easily bounce back to your normal schedule with no serious side effects. If you’re still unsure whether this procedure is appropriate for your specific situation, we can help. Simply contact us for an initial consultation!

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