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What exactly is hydrolipoclasy?

Hydrolipoclasy is a treatment used to reduce cellulite and localized fat, as well as to shape different areas of the body, mainly the waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, and double chin. The application of this technique consists of two phases. The first one is the infiltration of a type of hypotonic serum in the area to be treated, causing a reaction of adipose tissue.
Then, low-frequency ultrasound is applied using specific technology in the area to be treated. This generates bubbles which cause the breakdown of fat cells, and their subsequent elimination through natural metabolic ways. Hydrolipoclasy is typically offered to patients as an effective alternative to liposuction. 

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Ultrasound hydrolipoclasy is a treatment for localized obesity that combines the infiltration of an aqueous solution into adipose tissue with subsequent application of ultrasound waves to achieve the destruction of fat cells.

The ultrasound waves acting on this solution produce higher temperature in fatty tissue an increase blood circulation and activation of oxygen molecules, thus producing fat oxidation and rupture of the adipocytes followed by their elimination by lymphatic circulation and urine.

Ultrasound hydrolipoclasy can be used in any area of the body: abdomen, back, arms, thighs, fat around the knees, double chin, etc. It also works to improve cellulite and remodeling body shape.

The treatment is followed by lymphatic drainage to help the body to drain the treated fat through the urine.

It offers very satisfactory results, even after the first session. This technique can be modified or combined with solutions that increase the emulsification of fats such as Sodium Deoxycholate: Chemical Adipocytolysis.

Usually, one to six sessions per area are performed according to desired results, with an interval of ten days to three weeks between them, depending on the method and medications chosen. In cases of very small localized obesity, even a single session offers satisfactory results with reduction of measurements. The results are even much better after three sessions.

It is an ideal treatment for patients who want to have fast reduction of fat volume and size without going through an operating room and without undergoing the risks of surgeries and anesthesia. It allows to continue immediately with a normal life and with no medical disability at all.

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