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How To Prepare For Your Laser Hair Removal Session

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

There you are. You made the plunge. You ditched waxing, gave up on depilatory creams and decided that you want to be rid of your permanently. And, thus you scheduled your first laser hair removal session. We know that due to all the misconceptions about laser hair removal, it may be a bit scary. Fear not, we have busted most of those myths and can guarantee it is not as intimidating as it seems.

Laser hair removal actually is a fairly straightforward, quick and painless process. Depending on the size and number of areas treated, your laser hair removal session can last from ten minutes up to an hour and a half. Whether you’re coming up for your upper lip or full legs, time will fly and you’ll be out in no time!

Get Ready For Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

However, to make it is a smooth and easy for you, we came with a few advice that our technician always give away to their patients and that will help you feel comfortable and be ready for your first laser hair removal session.

1. Stay away from the sun

We love the sun and we love feeling its heat on our skin. Isn’t it the best sensation ever? Plus getting a tan is an added bonus. However, it is better to reduce direct exposure to sunlight during the weeks prior to your session. Avoid tanning beds, tanning lotions and airbrush tan as well.

We understand that during summer it is difficult and we can assure that laser hair removal is safe during that time of year. Even though it is better to start laser hair removal during fall, it is unavoidable that you will have some sessions during summer. Then, it is important that when exposing your skin (even when not), you protect it with a strong SPF and sunscreen.

UV rays leave the skin rather sensitive, making it more vulnerable to the laser. Furthermore, as the laser target color pigments, a tanned ski may interfere with the procedure.

2. Shave before you come

A huge misconception about laser hair removal is that you do not need to shave prior to your session. This could not be more wrong. Indeed, the laser targets the hair follicle, not the hair itself. Sure, the heat will use the hair to travel through to the follicle but the longer the journey, the less energy reaches the destination. Thus, long hair may interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment.

Long hair may also increase the risks of burn. You should shave twenty-four up to four hours prior to your appointment. Thus, you will ensure that your skin is not sensitive and has recovered from shaving. Make sure to clean your skin with soap and water and remove any cream or lotion. Be prepared for your first laser hair removal session and shave prior.

3. Do not wax, pluck, tweeze or nair

It is important that you do not wax, pluck, tweeze or use depilatory creams prior to your laser hair removal session. You need to wait at least five to six seeks after you last did it. Indeed, when you wax, you will remove both the hair and root. Thus, this is nothing left in the hair follicle for the laser to target.

The hair will need from five up to six weeks to fully regrow, thus interfering with the efficiency of your session. Plucking, sugaring and tweezing have the same effects as waxing. Depilatory creams use chemicals that make the skin sensitive and that dissolve the hair. Do not bleach nor due your hair either.

4. Stay away from chemicals

Laser hair removal, although a safe, still bombards the skin with beams of light, which can leave it quite sensitive and more vulnerable to exterior elements. Using chemicals or fragrance on the treated area can interfere with the laser and make it less safe. It will also make the skin much more sensitive.

Stay away from chemicals and fragrances the week prior to your laser hair removal session. Make sure to remove any creams or lotions of your skin. Take a shower cleaning yourself with soap, a dry towel and ample clothes.

5. Plan ahead for your session

A laser hair removal session can take as little as ten minutes for a small area up to an hour and a half for a large area. While you can come in during your lunch break for a small to medium area, should you be coming in for a large one or more than one area, it will take much longer. Thus, you need to plan ahead and find a slot that works for you.

At Infinity Laser Spa, slots are on a first come first served basis. Thus, our schedule changes pretty quick and book out just as fast. While it is easier to fit in smaller appointments, bigger ones need to be scheduled in much more in advance. Usually, evenings and weekend are booked out a month in advance.

6. Talk to your physician

It is important that prior to coming in for your first laser hair removal session, you make a note of any medication you may be on. Talk to your physician to make sure that your medication do not interfere with laser hair removal. For example, antibiotics increase photosensitivity and make the treatment more painful. Hormonal treatments such as the pill may also have an impact.

If you are very sensitive to pain in general, you can ask your physician for a pain killer that will not interfere with your laser treatment. If so, take it at least 45 minutes prior to your session. You are usually allowed to use medicated sprays and lotion after the hair removal session. However, the majority of laser hair removal clients describe pain from mild to tolerable depending on personal sensitivity and machine settings.

Hopefully, these easy tips will help you to prepare for your next laser hair removal session. Make sure to check our other articles on the blog and we will be happy to answer all of your questions anytime: (718)664-7776

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