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Forget about waxing, choose laser hair removal

When one starts to think of how to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is not their first choice. Nor first thought for that matter. Simply because those concerns start to arise during teenage-hood. Then of course, one choose the cheapest and easiest method available. Thus, hair removal starts with shaving. Quickly enough though, they switch to waxing… before they ditch waxing altogether for, finally, laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal still is victim to a lot of misconceptions. The increasing demand for laser hair removal is shedding a new light on the treatment. It makes people wonder and think. But also, they finally get to have a clearer idea of what the laser treatment entails. And when they know exactly what laser hair removal is about, that is when they ditch waxing.

Forget about waxing, choose laser hair removal

Now, it is possible that some people never go through waxing before choosing laser hair removal. Some patients will have been using depilatory creams their entire life. However, chemical creams too are not without bad side effects. In the end, whatever you use to remove unwanted hair, you should ditch it and go for laser hair removal. And here is why…

1. Waxing is painful

Waxing is no walk in the park. Especially when you want to remove unwanted hair around your bikini area. It hurts, and a lot. Sure, two three stripes will do. However, the mere anticipation of seeing the was covering your hair striped away in a grand arm gesture is enough to make you tense. And you know the drill. The tenser you are, the more painful it becomes.

It is just about relaxing then, right?

Easier said than done! The main selling argument of waxing is that one stripe covers a fairly large area, captures as lot of hair at once, and remove them all at once. The act of taking the wax off is painful. But the feeling of your hair root being torn off their follicule and going through the pore of the skin is much more painful. It may be fast, but it is not painless. And will never be.

That’s why you should ditch waxing and undergo laser hair removal instead. Why?

One big myth about laser hair removal is that it is painful. However, it actually is not. We are not gonna lie and say it is a very pleasant sensation. Because that is not true. During a laser hair removal session, you will feel a sensation of heat and pinching. It feels like someone snapping a rubber band against your skin very fast for the length of the treatment. It is not painful nor uncomfortable. Just unpleasant.

Furthermore, laser hair removal requires a few sessions to get through the treatment. Once a patient is done, they may be a need for touch-ups here and there but that’s it. While waxing requires attention every month, and thus you will feel pain every month!

2. Waxing can have bad side effects

As with any other hair removal method, waxing can have negative side effects. Depilatory creams are full of chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. Razor can cut, irritate the skin or incur ingrown hair outbreaks. Waxing also has its fair share of potential bad side effects that will make you think twice. They probably are one of the main reason to ditch watching.

Amongst side effects that waxing has, ingrown hairs are the most common. Waxing makes the hair less dense and removes the hair in the opposite direction to growth. Thus the hair curls underneath the skin or grow inward, which prevents it from picking out. Redness and irritation as well as dry skins are other side effects of waxing.

However, the worst occur when waxing produces a bacterial infection or turns into an allergic reaction. Although a lot of those infections resolve by themselves, some do not. Allergies can be as bad as life-threatening. Good conditions reduce the risk for most of those to happen. However, ingrown hair seem to be inevitable.

Laser hair removal on the other hand is very safe. Sure, it also can have bad side effects but they are extremely rare. Especially if the treatment is performed by a professional in good conditions. As long as the patient follows the recommendations from the technician, there should not be side effects.

Plus, since laser hair removal damages the follicle, no hair can grow again. Thus, there cannot be an ingrown hair outbreak. No chance for a hair to curl underneath the skin since there is no hair to start with. You will notice after the first session that the hair regrowing is much thinner. Another reason to ditch waxing for laser hair removal.

3. Waxing is more expensive

Unbelievable, isn’t it? That waxing is more expensive than laser hair removal? And that’s why you should ditch waxing and save some money to go on a holiday somewhere. No, we are being very serious! You need to look at waxing and laser hair removal from another angle.

Let’s imagine that you wax once a month. To ensure it is done right and quick, you go to a salon. You do full legs, underarms, Brazilian and upper lip. On average, this will cost $90 excluding tax and tip. That’s $1,080 a month, still not including tip and tax. You start to wax at 15 years old and do it until you are 50. Thirty-two years then. $34,560. But probably more since you will have to add sale tax and tip.

In other words, a lot of money. Money that you could save for something else if you ditch waxing.

Now, laser hair removal seems like a huge investment up front. And it is, true that. Because you will pay for six sessions at once. The average cost for a full legs, underarms, Brazilian and upper lip combination package of six sessions is $3500. Once. Yes, you may have to come back in for a touch up session once a year, or even less. However, the cost will still be much lower than waxing.

Indeed, while you wax once a month for the rest of your life, you will need to undergo laser hair removal six times (maybe eight) over the course of one year. And be done for good afterwards.

4. Waxing is not permanent

The main reason why you should ditch waxing for laser hair removal is simply because it is not permanent. Short-term, you will not see hair for up to four weeks. Long-term, you will have to wax every month for year and years before you eventually see some hair growth reduction. Waxing removes the root of the hair.

With (a lot of) time, waxing will eventually start to damage the hair follicle. Then only, you’ll some hair growth reduction. But those repetitive treatments will have a huge financial cost, which we talked about above. Because you need the hair to be at least 5mm (or 0.1inch), you need to let the hair grow. Thus, you will always have hairy times.

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair growth reduction method. After your session, you will see significant hair growth reduction. Most patients see permanent hair removal. They will have paid for their treatment, come in for six up to twelve sessions and be rid of body hair forever. Thus, they will no longer have to worry about their body hair, waxing, shaving, etc.

You should ditch waxing for laser hair removal simply because it is a better alternative that is more effective, less painful and in the long-run cheaper. Plus, it produces amazing results and get you rid of your hair forever!

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