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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for men

Mens Brazilian, Mankini_edited.jpg
Laser hair removal mens full face

Male Brazilian Is On The Rise. We still remember the time when hairy man was considered “sexy”. At this day and age “sexy” and hair don’t go together. As a result, Laser hair removal for men has become a growing trend.

Brazilian / Manzilian Genital Hair Removal For Men

Men’s Brazilian is a laser hair removal for men’s privates, and is sometimes also known as Manzilian or Manscaping. This type of laser hair removal for men involves the removal of all hair from the pubic region, including the shaft, scrotum, and perineum. The Brazilian hair removal is a popular choice for many men who want to achieve a clean, polished look.

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Laser hair removal for men Full Brazilian (incl. anus) 

Includes the removal of all hair on the entire genital area as well as the hair on the anus. During our laser treatment, we are simply getting rid of all the hair off the entire penis, scrotum, testicles and anus.

It is worth mentioning, that laser hair removal is by far the best form of pubic hair removal. No more ingrown hairs, no shaving rashes, no cuts on your skin from the razor. Ladies prefer it. Men’s Brazilian laser is pain-free and permanent. In addition, it is way cheaper than waxing in the long run.

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Permanent Brazilian

Laser Hair Removal For Men

While a Brazilian can be a variety of different hair removal styles that remove almost all pubic hair from the pubic region, a full Brazilian removes it all, leaving no hair whatsoever. Choose to leave a neat strip, triangle, or no hair whatsoever… it’s completely your choice! Here are a few popular styles below.

What is the difference between Bikini Line, Full Brazilian and Brazilian Front Hair Removal?

Bikini Line

The area that lies outside of the panty line is considered the bikini line. A bikini line laser hair removal treatment typically covers up to three inches beyond this line, ensuring a flawless look in panties or a bikini. It often also addresses some areas that underwear covers, such as the sides of the labia and top of the pubic region, but this is up to the client.

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Full Brazilian

A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment includes more area than a bikini treatment because it includes the labia and perianal areas as well. This option leaves men completely bare, but often those who choose Brazilian treatments opt to keep some hair in the pubic region, such as a landing strip.

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Brazilian - Bikini

A standard Male Brazilian includes the frontal pubic area (the mound), about 2 inches where the upper thigh meets the pubic area; the shaft and the scrotum. It is optional to leave a landing strip (patch of hair) above the shaft, which is referred to as the male Hollywood laser.

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Safe, Easy & Proven Effective.
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Laser Hair Removal Full Face And Neck

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Laser Hair Removal Upper Body

Laser Hair Removal Pre & Post Care_edited.jpg

Laser Hair Removal Lower Body

Laser Hair Removal Pre & Post Care_edited.jpg

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Savings

Say goodbye to those ugly ingrown hairs, or the razor rash which leaves you looking and feeling sore. Just 6-12 sessions of Brazilian hair removal treatments provide long-term, hair free results. At most people tend to have an annual top-up session to keep those hairs away.

Why choose us?

Aestheticians with experience

Our specialists are specially trained in the latest advanced laser and anti-aging skin rejuvenation technology, offering both male and female therapists from our dedicated team.

The technology of the highest standard

We believe in investing in the latest equipment and regular training to ensure that we provide first class services to our clients that provide results.

Entirely safe treatments

Our laser hair removal treatments are safe, pain-free, quick and effective.

Is the laser hair removal the right decision for me?

If you have come to our website you are interested in Laser Hair Removal. Our spa is the right place. In this day and age even men want to hair-free. It is differently a personal decision, however laser treatment could change not only the appearance but also improve self-confidence. On the other hand not all the laser hair removal methods are the same depending on the laser equipment used. Old school laser treatment equipment was providing very intensive heat to the treated skin area. New technology provided by Soprano XL laser hair removal equipment offers very gentle heat. This technology allows clients to stay comfortable and be Pain-Free during the hair laser removal process, as well as reduce side effects.


So if you think that Laser Hair Removal is the right decision, you should also consider the safest alternative available. You only have one skin and you don’t want to take any chances. Using new laser hair removal technology will guaranty safe, effective and pain free outcome. Laser hair removal cost in Lessage Laser Spa is very competitive and customer-friendly. The greatest value you can get off course in packages. You are killing two birds with one stone: having greatest results possible and saving lots of money. So, maybe now is the right time to get rid of unwanted hair at Lessage Laser Spa? Simply contact our friendly staff right here and find out how easy it is to get started.

Is the laser hair removal the right decision for me?
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