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Intimate services have become extremely popular for both men and women over the last decade. The concept began in the adult entertainment industry, but today, addressing intimate skin concerns has become just as mainstream as Brazilian hair removal services performed on both men and women worldwide.

At Aesthetic Artistry, we are well-equipped to help you every step of the way. We offer consultations and want you to feel comfortable knowing you are in the hands of trained professionals who know how to give you the look you want.


Darkened skin in private areas can be embarrassing, while uncomfortable ingrown hairs or scarring can make anyone feel self-conscious. Our intimate facials, hair removal treatments and skin bleaching services, lighten pigment and treat the skin to reveal the smooth, sexy skin beneath. We offer every service from anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching to underarm lightening, inner thigh lightening and much more.


5 Reasons Why The Skin of Intimate Areas Darken Over Time

Professional aestheticians at our Aesthetic Artistry Manhattan and Staten Island medical spas specialize in the skin health of your entire body, offering facials and skin lightening treatments for both men and women. Our intimate services and makeovers are designed to address all of your intimate concerns and rejuvenate the skin in even the most intimate of areas.

There are many reasons why skin may darken over time. Here are the most common:

Constricted Areas - Because the genitals, anal area and other intimate areas are poorly ventilated and constricted under clothing for the most part, they do not receive enough air circulation. This affects the color and texture of the skin. Wearing undergarments that allow air to circulate with clothing that allows the skin to breathe may help prevent some darkening.

Hormones - As we age, hormonal changes cause private areas to become darker.

Friction - Factors such as friction created during sex or exercise, by clothing or from body fat, affect the texture and color of skin.

Sweat - Chemicals released from the body in the form of sweat also can play a role in darkening the skin. Since the areas of the genitals, anal area, breasts and underarms are constricted, sweat can remain on the skin for long periods of time causing the discoloration to occur.

Pigment - The genital area has the highest density of melanocytes (cells that make pigment) than anywhere in the body. The denser the pigment, the darker the skin.

The Solution to Darkened Skin is an Intimate Makeover!

Don’t worry, we have the solution! Many individuals have natural discoloration in intimate areas. Darkened skin around the anus, genital area and underarms is often a natural part of life. The darkened skin, scarring or ingrown hairs can cause embarrassment, but at Lessage Laser Spa, our licensed aestheticians have created several Intimate Services including facials for private parts to treat the skin of intimate areas, a luxury many of us neglect to indulge in. Our medical spa are serene and private, so no subject is off limits during your consultation and session.


How do intimate services work?

We use advanced botanical formulas free of hydroqinone for lightening as well as an accelerated skin bleaching system that is exclusively made for intimate areas including: anus, vaginal area, underarms, nipples, inner thighs and genitals. The treatment is excellent for treating acne scars, razor scars, burn marks or ingrown hairs and is beneficial in preventing, relieving and correcting blemishes and the overall appearance of the skin.
After the first session, most of our guests experience their skin tone lightening one to two shades in skin tone. With each additional treatment, the skin lightens to up to six shades brighter.

benefits of Intimate Services

  • Improves Skin Texture: Our NYC-based aestheticians use a special, natural formula to lighten skin and perform facials, which also serves to exfoliate and cleanse the area. Skin is not only lightened, but given an exfoliation treatment to promote skin health.

  • Diminishes Hyper-pigmentation: We use a potent, yet safe, combination of ingredients to decrease the skin’s natural melanin production. By inhibiting certain enzymes and providing an even complexion, we can even lighten freckles and melasma.

  • Reduces Scarring: Excessive sweating or production of oils in the genital or buttocks region can cause acne and leave scars. We use a special formula of natural products to lighten these areas

  • Helps Reduce Inflammation: Within our specialized botanical formulas used during anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching or other intimate services, anti-inflammatory agents help to reduce inflammation.

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