Butt cupping

Butt Cupping therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique for tissue stimulation for your buttock in a short period of time.

Immediate results within 30 minutes. The procedure promotes blood circulation, clearance of toxins, and removes cellulite and clumpy fatty deposits. It reshapes and contours your butt.​

All About Buttcupping

How Soon Can I See Results?

Immediate results within 30 minutes

What Are The Benefits Of Butt cupping?

Butt cupping procedure promotes blood circulation, clearance of toxins, and removes cellulite and clumpy fatty deposits. It reshapes and contours your butt.

● Lifts your buttocks by up to 70%

● Instant results

● No surgery

● No pain

● No down time

● Enhanced body tone and shape

● No anesthetic

● Improves blood circulation

● Excellent for cellulite

● Tightens & Tones Skin


How Many Sessions Do You Need?

Monthly maintenance is recommended for longer lasting results.

Everyone wants a better backside, but not everyone can or is ready to commit to an invasive procedure to achieve it. The good news is, you don’t have to undergo an invasive procedure to improve the appearance of your backside; you have another option. At Lessage Laser Spa, we want to introduce you to butt cupping. Butt Cupping is a non-invasive treatment that tones and contours the buttocks in just a few quick sessions.

What Is Butt Cupping?

Butt cupping is a body contouring treatment that focuses on improving the appearance of the buttocks. It’s also known as vacuum butt therapy because of the way that it uses a vacuum device to suction tissue into the cups fitted to the device. It helps improve the appearance of the buttocks without the need for surgery or any other invasive techniques.


 It contours, lifts, and tones the entire buttocks to enhance its appearance and help you achieve your body goals, and it also has some surprising health benefits. You won’t have to perform endless squats or intense cardio to see results; you simply have to show up at your appointment and let us take care of the rest.

What Does It Treat?

Butt cupping can be used to enhance the buttocks in several different ways. It can lift and contour the entire area, add definition, and help improve the appearance of cellulite. Whether you want to eliminate cellulite or contour and lift your buttocks, you will get multiple benefits from this treatment.

This treatment also has some surprising health benefits. Since it is based on one of the techniques used in Chinese medicine, it helps eliminate toxins from your body, increases blood flow, and reduces stagnation. Patients often find that this treatment helps improve muscle pain and soreness in the buttocks and improves their overall health by boosting their immunity.

How Does It Work?

Butt cupping is an innovative body contouring treatment that utilizes a method that dates back thousands of years. It uses tissue stimulation techniques to increase blood circulation to the buttocks to shape and contour the entire area and improve the appearance of cellulite. You will lie down in a comfortable position on your stomach and one of our treatment tables during a treatment. Then, we will place two large suction cups on each side of your buttocks.

A vacuum will be used to suction air from the cups to pull the skin and tissue inside of the cups to promote circulation. If you’ve ever undergone cupping, a form of Chinese medicine, this is similar, only it takes traditional cupping to the next level. These cups are large enough to cover most of the buttocks. They’re attached to a vacuum device that suctions the tissue to promote blood flow, improve circulation, and address cellulite and excess, unwanted fat.

How Long Does a Treatment Take?

You can expect your treatment to take approximately 30 minutes to complete. However, this treatment is the equivalent of performing over 1000 squats. The benefit is, instead of spending 30 minutes at the gym performing endless squats and working up a sweat, you can come here to our office and undergo this non-invasive treatment.

All you have to do is lay down and relax as the device performs its job of improving the appearance of your cellulite, increasing blood flow to the area, and creating a lifted and toned appearance.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Most patients notice an improvement in the appearance of their buttocks within 45 minutes of undergoing treatment. You can expect to experience lifted, more toned-looking buttocks after your treatment is complete, and your results will continue to improve after every session. During our initial consultation, we can give you more details on what kind of results you can expect based on the current state of your buttocks and your ultimate goals.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The total number of sessions you will need to achieve your desired results will depend on your current muscle definition, as well as your goals, collagen and elastin levels, and skin elasticity. We typically recommend that patients schedule anywhere from two to eight sessions for the best results. When we create your treatment plan, we will provide you with a better idea of how many sessions will be necessary to achieve your desired results.

Is It Safe?

This treatment is completely safe. It provides an effective solution for those who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks without undergoing a surgical procedure to do so. There are no risks or side effects from this treatment, and you can expect to see subtle and natural-looking results after your treatment. Butt cupping gives you the ability to improve your buttocks the natural way in a quick and painless treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

If you want to lift and tone your buttocks and improve the appearance of cellulite, you are most likely a candidate for butt cupping. Those who can’t or do not want to undergo a surgical or invasive procedure to enhance and contour their buttocks make good candidates for this treatment. An initial consultation with one of our technicians is the best way to determine if this treatment is right for you.

During a consultation, we will review the treatment in detail so that you know exactly what to expect and what kind of results you will get once you undergo the necessary number of treatments detailed in your treatment plan.